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Credit Repair

We Are Experts in Credit Repair & Debt Collections Industry, We Are Here to Help You Repair / Fix / Build Your Bad Personal Credit.

 (Purchase a CPN to be able to take advantage of credit, Rent Apartments, Get cars and ...  until you get your personal credit back.

Is Credit Repair is Right for You?

Our Credit Repair program should be a must for everybody. If you are in debt, have troubles with collectors, or are unable to pay your bills, CPN America can help you to clear the path for recovery through our NO FALSE POLICE REPORT based Credit Repair Program. If you have concerns about the accuracy and integrity of your credit report and want to improve your total FICO SCORE, we have an amazing effective solution.

What to Expect from Our Credit Repair Program?

Our program is very unique from others programs... ALTHOUGH WE DISPUTE INDIVIDUAL ITEMS WITH THE BUREAUS THEY WILL USUALLY THROW THE REQUEST BACK NEXT MONTH! SO WE HAVE A CREDITOR LITIGATION PROGRAM THAT IS ALMOST ALWAYS EFFECTIVE IN RESTORING CREDIT BY FILING A LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM FOR DAMAGING YOUR REPUTATION PUBLICLY THROUGH CREDIT REPORTING THE NEGATIVES! We designed our credit repair program to work as quickly as possible, but be aware that an average process can take 1-3 Months and the average cost to get started is $799 for one sweep of your whole credit profile. 

Our advanced credit repair system gives us the ability to dispute much faster than others and get the maximum result from every cycle, we will target your score and improve it as much as possible to meet your credit goals. Most customers see dramatic results right away and you will too!

Is there a guarantee that your Plan works? 

per the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), companies can't promise results. If you can't afford to pay for a credit repair company's services, it may be possible to achieve the same results on your own for free. Credit repair companies may improve your credit score for a fee. However We are confident in our experties so if don;t get you results, WE WILL REFUND 100% OF YOUR Money. 

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