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Currently, there is no law that limits the capacity for an individual to legally use a Credit Privacy Number but they have to pay back 100% of the debt they incur. its best for indivisual who needs to get an apartment some credit cards and loans, phones or wants to protect their identity 
Alex Maleck 

Hello, I'm Al Dareshore, and my journey in the USA began in 2007. With 12 years of experience in the credit industry, I've recently transitioned from the debt collection side to focus on consumer credit restoration. Having actively assisted consumers for the past three years, I bring a wealth of hands-on expertise. My unique perspective allows me to navigate credit challenges effectively. Leveraging this knowledge, we've crafted a distinctive business plan. Unlike those who merely sell courses, we provide a straightforward service dedicated to securing the funding you need. Our commitment is to deliver tangible results, making your financial success our top priority
Al Dareshore

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