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iTradeline.comTrusted Seller of Aged Primary Tradelines or Zombie Debt Tradelines

"On October 1st, we are launching our Sister company, where we will offer Aged or Seasoned Primary Tradelines (auto, revolving, and installments) to enhance your credit history and credit scor. There are two types of tradelines: Authorized User and Aged Primary Tradelines. Our Aged Primary Tradelines will remain on your credit report indefinitely, showing as paid and closed accounts. In contrast, Authorized User tradelines are active for only 30 days, so you should purchase them shortly before applying for a loan or making a significant purchase to ensure they have the desired impact. (We do not sell Authorized user Tradelines at this) As a collection agency, we are uniquely positioned to offer our Aged Primary Tradelines or Zombie Debt Tradelines at wholesale prices."

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