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I Bought a Legal CPN – Here's What Happened.

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

I Bought a Legal CPN – Here's What Happened.

When my sister lost her job after her eviction, she couldn't pay all her bills on time. she was not happy at all. but she did not care. she was going to work on it and was going to make it perfect again. But then she realized that fixing her credit score wasn't going to happen overnight and it was going to take her a long time to get it fixed. 5000 x 12

Turns out, there were many other things on her credit profile were dragging it down. So she started looking into credit repair options and came across the idea of a Credit Profile Number, Credit Privacy number, Secondary credit number, or CPN ( All the same thing ). 7 months from today

she did some research and found that you can legally buy a CPN for a very reasonable price so she headed to So she decided to go for it and see what would happen. there were many articles online saying Credit privacy numbers are illegal, but turns out all the articles are propaganda from debt settlement companies and credit repair companies so they don't lose on customers. craigslist used car for sale by owner

After all CPN is a solution that if one uses, they can take their time fixing their credit and they can literally start using credit, rent apartments, get auto loans, and ... in as little as 28 days. it's bad for the business model of credit repair companies and debt settlement companies in the industry so they simply lie that it is illegal. there are currently no laws in the united states and Canada that mention using credit privacy numbers is illegal.

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as a matter of fact, most celebrities and politicians use CPN numbers to gain privacy and avoid their financials from getting public, and their attorneys charge them upwards $10,000 for a simple Credit privacy number. anyways my sister purchased a CPN and rented her favorite apartment in less than one month after getting the CPN number and a few months later she got into her favorite new car using her Credit privacy number.

when it comes to the legality of CPN numbers, it's all about your intentions, and if your intentions are to defraud banks or other institutes, it doesn't matter if you use an SSN, EIN, ITIN, OR CPN, there is a chance that they will get caught. craigslist used car for sale by owner

but if your intention is to simply get a fresh start and pay your bills on time, there is no problem using a CPN number. you just need to find a vendor who does safe scanning of a generated CPN. they check with LexisNexis and other credit agencies to make sure the CPN was not used before and is safe to use. check out Http:// to get more info. after I saw my sister's success with her CPN, i got my own CPN, and here is what happened: craigslist cars seattle

What is a CPN?

A CPN, or credit privacy number, is a nine-digit identifier that can be used in lieu of a Social Security number. While a CPN is not a valid form of identification for government purposes, it can be used to apply for credit. craigslist horses for sale I purchased my CPN through an online service. The process was simple and only took a few minutes. I received my CPN within 24 hours and was able to use it to apply for credit right away. auto primary tradelines So far, my experience with using a CPN has been positive. I've been approved for several lines of credit and have not had any problems with lenders. I will continue to use my CPN as long as it remains a valid way to obtain credit. craigslist cheap cars for sale

The Different Types of CPNs

A CPN, or credit profile number, is a nine-digit identification number that can be used in lieu of a Social Security number for the purpose of financial transactions. Although it is not a replacement for a Social Security number, it can be used for many of the same purposes, including opening lines of credit and obtaining loans. craigslist horses for sale affiliant There are three different types of CPNs: primary, secondary, and tertiary. A primary CPN is the most common and is typically used for general financial transactions. A secondary CPN is typically used for specific financial transactions, such as opening a line of credit with a specific lender. A tertiary CPN is the least common and is generally only used in cases where an individual has been assigned both a primary and secondary CPN. craigslist talent gigs

The Pros and Cons of Buying a CPN

The idea of buying a Credit Profile Number, or CPN, is appealing to a lot of people. After all, who wouldn't want a brand new, clean credit file? Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams out there preying on people who don't know any better. In this article, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of buying a CPN so that you can make an informed decision. if you add trade-lines and authorized users to your CPN number you can build it up and take advantage of a 720 plus FICO score. On the plus side, having a CPN can help you to improve your credit score. If you have negative items on your credit report, they will no longer be associated with your social security number. This can give you a fresh start and help you to qualify for better interest rates on loans and lines of credit. However, there are some significant drawbacks to using a CPN. First of all, it's important to know that it's illegal to use a CPN in lieu of your social security number. If you're caught doing this, you could face severe penalties including jail time. Additionally, using a CPN can result in some pretty serious consequences if you're not careful. Your lender may view it as fraud and close your accounts. You could also end up being denied for loans or lines

How to Buy a CPN

If you're considering buying a CPN, also known as a credit profile number or credit privacy number, there are a few things you should know. While a CPN can help you get approved for loans and lines of credit, it's important to understand the risks involved. Best and safest place to purchase a CPN is purchasing it from Legit CPN which is the biggest CPN vendor in united states and Canada. Here's what you need to know about buying a CPN: 1. A CPN is not a new Social Security number. 2. A CPN is not a guarantee of approval for loans or lines of credit. 3. A CPN can be used to apply for loans and lines of credit, but there's no guarantee you'll be approved. 4. If you're caught using a false Social Security number, you could face serious penalties, including jail time. 5. There are reputable companies that sell CPNS, but there are also many scams out there. Make sure you do your research before buying a CPN from anyone. If you're still interested in buying a CPN, there are a few things you need to do to make sure you're getting a legitimate one: 1. Get everything in writing before paying anything. This includes the company's refund policy in case something

What Happens After You Buy a CPN?

First, it’s important to keep in mind that a CPN is not a replacement for your Social Security number. You can use your CPN for many things, including applying for credit and opening bank accounts, but it cannot be used as identification for employment purposes. Once you have your CPN, you will need to begin the process of building credit. This can be done by opening a secured credit card or becoming an authorized user on another person’s credit card account. Once you have established some credit history, you can then begin to apply for unsecured lines of credit. It’s important to use your CPN responsibly and make all payments on time. By doing so, you will eventually establish a good credit history that can be used to help you achieve your financial goals.

It's perfectly legal to buy a CPN, or credit profile number. This nine-digit identifier is used in lieu of a Social Security number for many financial transactions. You can use a CPN to apply for credit, open a bank account, or rent an apartment. CPNs are often used by people who have been the victims of identity theft and need to create a new financial identity. They can also be used by immigrants who don't have a Social Security number. And some people simply prefer to use a CPN because it's not publicly available information like a Social Security number. So if you're thinking about buying a CPN, know that it's perfectly legal to do so. Just be aware that there are some risks involved. For example, if you use a CPN when applying for credit, the lender may pull your credit report from one of the three main credit bureaus instead of all three. That could give you a lower credit score and make it more difficult to get approved for loans in the future.


My experience with buying a CPN was mostly positive, although there were a few bumps along the way. Overall, I'm glad I made the purchase and would recommend doing so if you need to improve your credit score quickly. Just be sure to do your research beforehand and only work with reputable companies. Have you ever bought a CPN? If so, please share your experience in the comments below!

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