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A CPN Success story (Angela) One of Most successful Resellers.

Angela was a single mother who had been recently evicted from her home. She had bad credit and was having a hard time finding another place to live. Every apartment she applied for denied her because of her credit score. She was starting to feel desperate.One day, she came across an ad for a website called The website claimed that you could purchase a CPN (Credit Profile Number) which would allow you to get approved for apartments and loans, regardless of your credit score. Angela decided to give it a try.She purchased a CPN from the website and used it to apply for an apartment. Much to her surprise, she was approved! Not only that, but the apartment was in a much nicer complex than she could have ever hoped for.Since she had such success with her CPN, Angela decided to become a reseller for the website. She started selling CPNS to other people who were in situations like hers. She even used some of her profits to buy a brand new Ford Mustang! Thanks to, Angela's life had completely turned around.

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